Reading Initiatives

Reading is a key to achieving success and progress and encouraging our employees to read consciously is an essential element in our commitment to the National Reading Strategy goals. We aim to create a conscious generation capable of thinking and planning for a better future for our society and country.

    Tolerance and Social Responsibility Initiatives

    The culture of volunteering, social responsibility and tolerance are key elements in the development process in the United Arab Emirates, and a vital part of its social fabric and cultural heritage. The UAE has taken a keen interest in consolidating this culture, organization and expanding its scope across a range of specialized platforms such as the UAE Volunteers, the National Program for Tolerance, and the Corporate Social Responsibility UAE Fund.

    In turn, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) believes in the importance of these values in achieving the sustainable development that we aspire to, and pushes for their consolidation and promotion among its employees and customers, as well as among individuals and all segments of society. MOCCAE aims to make social responsibility and volunteering part of the key performance indicators in its work and success on the personal and institutional levels.

      Innovation Initiatives

      The more complex the challenges become, the need for innovation increases. Our initiatives, within the framework of the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation, aim to empoweryoung generations with innovative skills and encourage them to employ them in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the current challenges we face, especially in the field of environment, climate change and food.