Environmental facts

Environmental facts (Do you know)
 ·        Falcons 

The falcon - human relationship dates back to ancient times , the Arabs are among the first to own falcons in the world. In the present time, falconry takes a special place in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf as it’s used for hunting purposes which is linked to the heritage of the region and closely connected to the traditions and customs of the UAE.

  • Marine Turtles and Dugongs

    The coastal marine ecosystems in the UAE consists of vast areas of costal environmental that are very diverse and unique. These ecosystems are considered as home for many species such as the green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles. The UAE waters is renowned to hold 60% of the dugong’s population in the Gulf. This is considered as the second largest population in the world. The UAE implements real efforts to conserve these animals and the areas they live in.

  • Mangroves

The mangrove ecosystems, in the United Arab Emirates, can be found along the shores of the country. The total mangrove area in the UAE exceeds13,000 hectares.  Mangroves are extremely important form of coastal vegetation: their extensive root systems stabilize sediments and protect coastlines. They also play an important role in enhancing the overall biodiversity of marine ecosystems by providing shelter for an array of marine animals, birds and the juveniles of commercially important fish and crustaceans. The dead leaves and branches of mangroves are a source of food within the mangrove ecosystem.